Vegan/Vegetarian Laugenbroetchen/ Bretzel

  This recipe will be enough for 8-10 Laugenbroetchen or a dozen pretzel. You will need: 500g Flour (you can use Flour of your choice; though I prefer the normal white wheat flour) Make sure it is plain flour and not self-rising. Soda Two packs of dry yeast Raw Salt Table Salt 1 1/2 liter … Continue reading Vegan/Vegetarian Laugenbroetchen/ Bretzel

Why I love being creative.

Among my interests are Photography and drawing. And obviously writing, as you my dear reader can see here. I love these creative outlets and would not want to miss them. I do not need fancy new things for these, my camera in an example is almost six years old and only my third (D)SLR camera … Continue reading Why I love being creative.

Why BREXIT is the much needed lifeline for the EU

I feel like I have to place a disclaimer here because what I am going to write might be offensive to some. Also, in general, I tried to avoid political articles on this blog, so this will be a bit of a test as well. When the BREXIT vote went through, the result did not … Continue reading Why BREXIT is the much needed lifeline for the EU

Food – Eating in Ireland

Especially in Germany, there is still the strong rumor that food in Ireland would be extremely expensive. This seems to be mainly instigated by people who have been on vacation here during the Celtic Tiger or before. In short, it's not true and utter bolloggs. What is true however is that the average quality of … Continue reading Food – Eating in Ireland

Entrepeneurship for everyone

If you had a look at my LinkedIn profile, you'd see that I added Entrepreneur there. So why did I do that and how can I do that? You will also notice my career and positions, and you will probably think how he can afford that with these jobs? While not starving or paid badly … Continue reading Entrepeneurship for everyone

Switching jobs in Ireland – Revenue issues.

Some may know I recently made a job move ( my 3rd switch ) in Ireland and as every time before I ran into issues with revenue here. It is usually easily sorted if you get to the point to sort it, that is. However, anyone you'll speak to here will either experienced himself issues … Continue reading Switching jobs in Ireland – Revenue issues.

Changing the World one byte at a time

So a few days ago at DocuSign, we celebrated the #newoffice in #Dublin with the monthly happy hour and had some cake. It's been some exciting and amazing six weeks since I started DocuSign and I met a lot of greatly inspired and inspiring  people here and in #Seattle at the #DiscoveringDocuSign and all that … Continue reading Changing the World one byte at a time

Irish pastime activities – Rallye

Moving to a foreign country and in this case, Ireland will leave you with the task to make new friends, and there is nothing easier than doing this via shared hobby. Yes, you can always go to the local pub for a nice pint or Irish coffee and if your lucky local life music, but … Continue reading Irish pastime activities – Rallye

What a Recruiter can do wrong from an Employees position and how to fix it.

Working in the It industry in Dublin, especially with sought after languages, in my personal Case Dutch and German, will bring all kinds of contacts from all sorts of recruiters with it. Who doesn't like to receive an email, LinkedIn Message or phone call which says we are this excellent company and we want you? … Continue reading What a Recruiter can do wrong from an Employees position and how to fix it.

Benefits at Work – a senseless exercise

So I read an article on LinkedIn this morning  Read it here, and this is something that has been bugging me for a while. Yes, there are benefits I really enjoy and get me engaged in the company, but others not so much or even annoy me, and this is the case for almost anyone. … Continue reading Benefits at Work – a senseless exercise