Trouble finding new gaming buddies?

So you may just have started With the tabletop hobby, moved, or are returning to the hobby after a hiatus. Anyways for some reason you're left without gaming buddies and you might not have a store with space or similar around. Here are some tips how to find new gamer friends. But be aware you … Continue reading Trouble finding new gaming buddies?

Gaming mats for Miniature tabletop games.

In the last years, a lot of options came out for gamers, looking to play on more than the classic kitchen-table surface. Back when I started to game the most luxury there was where paper grass mats used for model trains.  And even though GW offered one in the classic 6' by 4' measurement, it … Continue reading Gaming mats for Miniature tabletop games.

Confrontation 3.5

  Confrontation was a Skirmish Tabletop by Rackham. It died when Rackham switched from its widely high regarded Metall miniatures directed at painters, too expensive prepainted plastics. Confrontation is played with a maximum of 20 miniatures per player on the field, but on average there were between 7 and 14 miniatures per player. The game … Continue reading Confrontation 3.5

Settlers of Catan – The Dice Game

Settlers of Catan - The Dice Game. The Settler of Catan Dice Game is a very simple variant of the well-known board game. Included are 5 5 sided dice, a block, and an instructions booklet. Each player now gets a pen in a specific color and off you go. Each player takes turns in the … Continue reading Settlers of Catan – The Dice Game

How to create, run and manage a successful tabletop campaign for your gaming group .

A general instruction how to run a Campaign for a Miniatures Wargame. The goal of this article is to provide you with a helper to enable anyone to set up, run and manage a small campaign successfully in their gaming group. I used this blank system for several different campaigns in different game systems with … Continue reading How to create, run and manage a successful tabletop campaign for your gaming group .

Dungeons&Dragons Parker Board Game

Dungeons and Dragons The Dungeons and Dragons franchise is originally one of the oldest Pen and Paper role-playing games ever, and there is a myriad of accompanying products, including several board games. This Introduction will cover the Parker board game, and it's two expansions. This is a clone of the old MB Heroquest with a … Continue reading Dungeons&Dragons Parker Board Game

A general Netiquette for Miniatures Wargaming

1. Easily identifiable miniatures (WYSIWYG). 2. Assembled, correctly painted and painted miniatures. 3. Be Polite. 4. You have fellow gamers, not enemies. 5. Ask the owner before touching other miniatures. 6. Always bring your own dice, stencils and tape measure. 7. Have your army list in a clean and comfortable to read form. 8. Have … Continue reading A general Netiquette for Miniatures Wargaming