Canvas Eagles

  Canvas Eagles, some times known as Blue Max, is a fast paced tabletop game that simulates the dogfights between Planes during World War I. Canvas Eagles is played with 1-6 models per player on a hex map, a paper map that is divided into 6 sided square fields. The aircraft are simultaneously moved to … Continue reading Canvas Eagles

Confrontation 3.5

  Confrontation was a Skirmish Tabletop by Rackham. It died when Rackham switched from its widely high regarded Metall miniatures directed at painters, too expensive prepainted plastics. Confrontation is played with a maximum of 20 miniatures per player on the field, but on average there were between 7 and 14 miniatures per player. The game … Continue reading Confrontation 3.5

Crimson Skies

  Crimson Skies is a tabletop simulating the aerial combat of propeller airplanes and zeppelins in an alternate Earth of 1937. The back ground focuses on the North american continent, where the USA fell apart after the 1st World War and is now composed of smaller states and powers similar to Europe. The Car and … Continue reading Crimson Skies