Food – Eating in Ireland

Especially in Germany, there is still the strong rumor that food in Ireland would be extremely expensive. This seems to be mainly instigated by people who have been on vacation here during the Celtic Tiger or before. In short, it's not true and utter bolloggs. What is true however is that the average quality of … Continue reading Food – Eating in Ireland


Some Money saving habits​.

This is derived from one of my Answers on Quora, if you want, you can follow me on Quora for more, less or more useful, answers and ramblings. This Article was also published before on LinkedIn. Me on Quora Start walking or cycling instead of Driving or paying for public transport; you will also be … Continue reading Some Money saving habits​.

Basic costs for renting and living in Ireland

The subject today will be the cost of living in Ireland Renting a home: Renting is like in Germany very dependent on where you live, in Dublin, it is comparable with Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt/Main. That will allow you to rent an acceptable two bedrooms apartment for about 1800 Euros per month. Outside of the … Continue reading Basic costs for renting and living in Ireland