Some Money saving habits​.

This is derived from one of my Answers on Quora, if you want, you can follow me on Quora for more, less or more useful, answers and ramblings. This Article was also published before on LinkedIn. Me on Quora Start walking or cycling instead of Driving or paying for public transport; you will also be … Continue reading Some Money saving habits​.

What Boardgames can do for Teambuilding.

This is a slightly updated older article I published two years ago on LinkedIn.Whoever knows me is probably aware that I am very fond of Boardgames, and on the danger of sounding elitist I don't mean Monopoly with this. I thought I'd share why I believe there are more to Boardgames and why they can … Continue reading What Boardgames can do for Teambuilding.

Vegan Muffin recipe

As some of you know, I am a vegetarian bordering on the vegan side. For me, this is a mindset against animal cruelty, as I am vehemently opposed to the meat industry. This does not mean I don't like the taste of animal products, and like this, I try to recreate taste and consistency. I … Continue reading Vegan Muffin recipe

What equipment do I use?

Some of you might be interested in what equipment I use for this website and my pictures. So here we go: I use a late 2016 touchbar MacBook pro which is besides of the hardrive fully specced up ( I bought it with basically 25% of the Irish/German price here at the good folks at KRCS ). … Continue reading What equipment do I use?

Why you should travel alone and stay in Hostels or do Couchsurfing

  In the past years I usually traveled alone, or on a whim with a friend, I discovered much of Ireland this way and am currently finishing a trip to New York, from which I'll travel on to Seattle for a Business reason. I prefer staying in Hostels or do Couchsurfing for one main reason: Meeting … Continue reading Why you should travel alone and stay in Hostels or do Couchsurfing

New feature on the page!

Hi all, I added a new feature for the page, there is now a page linked as its s own menu point giving you the most necessary and basic links for living and moving to Ireland. These links will be updated during time, and there will come another link page with links to my other … Continue reading New feature on the page!

Basic costs for renting and living in Ireland

The subject today will be the cost of living in Ireland Renting a home: Renting is like in Germany very dependent on where you live, in Dublin, it is comparable with Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt/Main. That will allow you to rent an acceptable two bedrooms apartment for about 1800 Euros per month. Outside of the … Continue reading Basic costs for renting and living in Ireland

Visiting the Museum of Modern Arts in NewYork

This was my first time in the MOMA, and the 25 USD fee almost made me turn away, but boy am I glad I did not. Even if it is one of the classic Tourist things to do when visiting the Big Apple, you should do it, I visited a lot of Museums in Europe, … Continue reading Visiting the Museum of Modern Arts in NewYork